How to Create a Catchy Thesis Statement for Your Dissertation

A dissertation is a unique document presenting the author’s research findings. Some people will call it a thesis, but it is the same thing. The thesis defends the student research project for an award of professional or academic qualification.

Why is a thesis statement important? There are several reasons why the thesis statement is crucial. To understand more about the thesis statement, read through this document.

What is the purpose of a thesis statement?

If you are writing a thesis for the first time, you may be wondering why you need a dissertation thesis statement. It is a requirement in thesis writing because it does the following:

  • It carries a single main idea of the thesis
  • It answers the question in the thesis
  • It gives a stand on disputable claims an informed individual can make
  • It handles subjects that you can research and adequately make an argument.
  • Deals with a subject that can be adequately researched and argued.
  • It gives the methodology for concluding.

Thesis statement formula

You need to plan your work if you need a good thesis statement. Without correct knowledge on the subject, you may not produce the best.

Follow these tips to write a good thesis statement:

  • Keep It Brief and to the point

A single sentence should be enough to communicate your thesis statement. You should make the whole idea of your document into a single line. Though you are keeping it short, you must ensure that it’s enticing and communicating the entire concept of your thesis. A good thesis statement should have some scientific facts or data which makes it valid.

  • Easy to read and understand

Make your writing straightforward for a layman or anybody unfamiliar with your subject to read and understand. The reader should get your idea and stand on the argument you are raising in your document. To make your writing simple, avoid jargon words and complex statements which may confuse the reader. Make your sentence without any contradicting ideas. You should focus on one clear idea which will help the reader develop a clear direction while reading your work.

  • Chose unique subjects

Though the main idea is to make it simple, you should not go for common topics. The reader should get something unique and exciting in your thesis statement. You should never allow the reader to feel wasted going through your work. Let them appreciate your effort by the enticement arising from the unique thesis statement.

  • Focus on one specific idea

There will be many ideas arising from your thesis during the process of formulation. If you don’t stay focused, you may lose direction and bring up more ideas that could distract the whole document. Avoid creating many ideas in your thesis statement or try defending them in your statement. Take the main point and focus on it.


Coming up with a good thesis statement needs time and focus. Before you begin crafting your thesis statement, ensure you have a clear idea which you will focus on for clarity. Always write using simple language a layperson can read and understand your concept without the need to refer.

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